Biz Platinum Hosting

All inclusive hosting that completely satisfies the new online business economy.
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Biz Class Platinum hosting gives you unlimited bandwidth and storage at lightning speeds.Biz Class Platinum takes your business to the next level this instant!. Never a worry, So blazing fast and yet easy to use, and managed by our professional team so that you can focus on your business, grow your business.


Biz Class Platinum Hosting provides you with the latest version of WordPress installed on your hosting account ready to go to grow your business.


Biz Class Platinum Hosting works with every digital marketing strategy available to grow your business. We test and refine how they work on our servers so that you are never behind the latest tools. It allows you to build relations with your clients quickly and efficiently on many levels.


Biz Class Platinum Hosting provides many ways to communicate, from Secure Email for you, your employees, all of your business to chat and text.


Biz Class Platinum Hosting manages your WordPress Core Updates and all plugin updates and testing. It also provides fast and efficient Multi-Media Storage, and connects you to the Marketing Tools you need.


Biz Class Platinum hosting is Fort Knox secure, protects your website, your data, and your emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Biz Class Platinum Hosting goes beyond the competition, it is the only solution to grow your business today and into the future. Ecommerce enabled and managed to provide optimum sales and net revenue. It allows you add on new features, new Marketing tactics, new ways to connect across the web and social media.


Biz Class means we MANAGE it all for you:

  • WordPress Setup
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Dedicated Support Channel
  • Website Traffic Stats
  • Custom Monthly Report to show you how to improve your website
  • Ecommerce comes standard. Take orders directly from your clients and scale up your business
  • Email marketing management included
  • Monthly updates to your website content

Move ahead of the competition today for only $150/Month or $1644/Year